Electric cargo dump tricycle conforms to low-carbon development

Electric cargo dump tricycle conforms to low-carbon development


Electric cargo dump tricycles are constantly being updated to comply with the low-carbon development of the transportation industry. It has many advantages such as reducing transportation costs, saving energy, protecting the environment, and being widely used. Today, Jiuzhi will share with you this electric cargo tricycle.

The electric cargo dump tricycle has a fully automatic hydraulic lifting system, no smoke, no noise, low energy consumption, and strong applicability. This car adopts a supporting battery motor, the all-copper motor has reliable performance, and has a brake power-off function. It can work for 10-12 hours on a single charge. It can be used for coal transportation, kiln slag cleaning, and road cleaning. In short, it is very versatile.

The door of the electric cargo dump tricycle used on the construction site is removed and can be used as a flatbed truck. It can be said that one vehicle can be used for multiple purposes and make the best use of everything. Using this vehicle can reduce labor, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and help us reduce production costs and increase profits. . This car can be called a green transport vehicle because it has no emission and no smell.

The electric cargo dump tricycle for construction site is a transportation vehicle driven by electricity. It uses batteries as the power source and is equipped with high-performance reference batteries. The battery capacity will not decrease within two years of normal use.