Excellent performance of engineering electric cargo tricycle

Excellent performance of engineering electric cargo tricycle


The electric cargo tricycle driven by electricity is mostly used in construction engineering, mine transportation, and transportation engineering, and is a commonly used engineering transportation tool in recent years. This electric engineering cargo tricycle has a long battery power supply time and can drive continuously. Its excellent performance has been well received by the market.

The electric cargo tricycle adopts tubular large-capacity, left-right lining, deep-discharge, and traction-type batteries, which can meet the requirements of long-term work and continuous discharge. Under normal circumstances, the capacity of the battery will not decrease after two years of use. The motor adopts DC series-excited traction brush or brushless motor. The motor is equipped with a speed-adjusting power-increasing device, which is not easy to be damaged and ensures power output.

The electric cargo tricycle has excellent overload resistance and stable power output. It adopts stepless speed regulation, and the walking speed can be adjusted according to needs to meet different transportation conditions.

The electric cargo tricycle has low energy consumption and saves money. The internal structure of the chassis and cab is similar to that of general engineering dump trucks, which can realize energy saving and continuous power supply. The storage capacity of the battery is very strong, which can meet the needs of engineering vehicles in different road conditions, and is compatible with other power The function of support ensures sufficient power, and there is no need to worry about insufficient power during transportation.

Compared with traditional dump trucks, electric cargo tricycles consume much less energy, are very energy-saving and cost-effective, and are recommended battery dump trucks. Used in small and medium-sized projects, the power of this car is even more outstanding, so that users can rest assured to buy and use.

In terms of user experience and effects, this electric cargo tricycle is similar to traditional dump trucks in terms of function, appearance and usage except that its power system is different from that of traditional dump trucks. It is easier to use and has a better user experience. lightweight. The self-weight of the body is small, so it is more convenient and flexible to operate.

The advantages of the new electric cargo tricycle are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the vehicle is light in weight and small in size, which is very suitable for working in a small warehouse or space; the integrated operating handle is easy to operate; it is equipped with a DC traction motor and has a large traction force. The speed of the vehicle can be controlled, and heavy goods can be easily moved. Equipped with a large-capacity battery, the endurance is strong; the bottom structure ensures that the battery dump truck runs more smoothly; it can prompt the remaining power, and it can automatically remind when the power is insufficient.