Various inspections of electric cargo engineering tricycles

Various inspections of electric cargo engineering tricycles


In engineering transportation, electric cargo tricycles are often used. In order to ensure that the vehicle is safe on the road, some corresponding inspections are required, including the inspection of new electric cargo tricycles and inspections during driving. What exactly do these checks include? Jiuzhi will take old and new users to find out.

Electric Cargo Engineering Tricycle New Vehicle Inspection has:

1. When the electric cargo tricycle is empty, carry out the lifting operation test according to the operation procedure of dumping and lifting.

2. Check whether the oil in the hydraulic oil tank of the electric cargo tricycle is sufficient, and add enough oil according to the specified oil label requirements.

3. Check whether the manual control valve and air circuit are leaking, and whether there is leakage in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system.

4. During the lifting process, check whether the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, control valve and other components can work normally, and whether there is any sticking or movement during the hydraulic lifting.

5. After several lifting tests under no-load condition, it can work normally without oil leakage or air leakage, ensuring safe driving.